Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I love doing these silly little cityscapes.  My scanner is on the blitz so I had my artwork scanned at a Staples store.  I don't know what they did, but the images were very dithered and needed a bit of help from photoshop to make them presentable.


Rene Fijten said...

Yes! another vintage susan! Love it.

Susan Rudat said...

Thank you, Rene.

Majesta Majorca said...

Ms. Rudat...yes another vintage offering from the mind of a genius!

Your friend in Driftwood misses you terribly and would love a call or an email.

My house is your gallery, my heart is your home.

Majesta said...

Dear Ms. Rudat,

The world needs MORE of your art, yet alas, I see no evidence that new offerings are pouring from your fertile imagination.

Please draw, paint, hammer and nail and make the world more beautiful, one creation at a time!

Your friend in Driftwood, who misses you....

Majesta said...

There is a lovely little book awaiting its illustrator....if only she would come home.

I pay well. Feed artists. Provide tent and blanket. Kitties to cuddle.

Steven said...

Sure do miss your work on Flickr, Susan. Hope you're well. Cheers from Virginia.

Majesta said...

Ms. Rudat,

Long time, no hear from. Please call or write....as I worry.

Know that you are always welcome to come home, stay with me awhile, maybe help me turn the barn into a proper living space at long last.

How are you, my dear friend?

Talk to me soon, or I may have to just drive up there and kidnap you and bring you home to Texas!

voxie said...

Where've you gone??