Friday, June 18, 2010

fawns galore!

All of the deer in this area have their fawns in late March, early May. They are hidden away in the tall grasses and underbrush of the cedar and live oak trees. Now is when they gain the confidence and skill to follow their mothers. They are adorably playful in a Bambi sort of way. I sure hope she grows up healthy. Many of the deer are hit by cars around here. This fawn's mother was hit, just before giving birth. Her back leg is badly dislocated, but she still limps around and takes care of her baby.

Behind this fawn is a giant rosemary bush and blooming garlic aliums.  There are very few plants the deer won't eat, and these are them.


joseph's art and stuff said...

Doesn't that rip your heart out, I saw a mother and fawn together today along a busy stretch of road (both still alive). Thanks for the comment the other day, I've been real busy lately, and have fallen behind on my social skills... The image looked very familiar but there were some additions to make it different. Since I do this (art)as a way to keep my sanity (and not a living (insert frown)) I don't mind. I've noticed a few other drawings that have been borrowed, but I look at it as a compliment. If I ever break out and make a "living" in the art world, I would definetly copy right. For now I'll just enjoy being a wanna be artist who likes to draw and plat in clay:) Take care!

Judy said...

Oh, it kills me to see hurt or dead animals along the roadways. Is there an animal rescue organization that might be able to fix the mother deer's leg?