Sunday, May 30, 2010

my deer friend

This is the first time this deer has ever made herself this comfortable. She stands in front of my porch, looking at me, waiting for carrots. It's kinda creepy sometimes. I swear she's going to knock on the door one of these days.

This deer is 3 years old and has been coming around here since she was a fawn. Last year she had her first fawn. A week or so ago, she had her second season fawn. I've been calling her Mommy Deerest. I haven't seen the baby yet, but it should be soon. That's when it's time to pay close attention to where I walk. Deer are well-camouflaged, so you don't always see them in the shadows of trees. When there are fawns around, the mothers are very protective and dangerous. They stand on their back legs and hit hard with their front hooves. I should whistle while I walk.


Roadchick said...

Ha! Mommy Deerest! I LOVE it!

Susan Rudat said...

Thank you, Roadchick.