Thursday, May 20, 2010


For more than 30 years I have boated, fished, swam, and explored the Gulf of Mexico. This oil spill is tragic.

Some of the fishes of the Gulf of Mexico include Bonita, Spanish mackerel, blacktip shark, speckled trout, sand trout, kingfish, redfish, gaftop catfish, vermillion snapper, grouper, croaker, ladyfish, skipjack, rockfish, sand trout, wahoo, barracuda, cobia ling, sheepshead, sand shark, pilot fish, dorado dolphin, pompano, yellow fin tuna, tiger shark, flying fish, mullet, snook, nurse shark, red snapper, pinfish, sunfish, blowfish, ribbonfish, flounder, sail fish, jackfish, black drum, white drum, tarpon, marlin, manatee, sea lion, porpoise, sea turtle.

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