Monday, June 29, 2009

sno cones

A great way to cool off a bit this summer. These are a few of the flavors from the local Tropical Sno shave ice stand.
Pink Flamingo - watermelon and cream
earth cone - blue raspberry and green apple
candyloupe - cantaloupe and cotton candy
grape - grape
key lime pie - coconut cream pie, lime and cream
Polynesian - pineapple and strawberry
tropical storm - Hawaiian punch and kiwi
peaches and cream - peaches and cream
the hippie - pina coloda, root beer and cream
sweet tart - guava and grape
pineapple - pineapple
blue and glue - Bart's blue and cream


Anonymous said...

I have a sudden need for a snow cone, even though it's cool and wet today.

Antonio Radovcic said...

Hey just found your blog via skineart and i love it!! Awesome Stuff!