Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cayo Costa cabin

After hiking around the beach for a couple of hours, I went looking for shade. There are 12 very rustic cabins on the island. I don't think they have electricity either. I sat at a partly shaded picnic table and sketched this cabin. It was closed because of the eagles nest just off to the left. Florida is great about wildlife protection. If a sea turtle lays eggs on the beach, it's roped off, the same as with eagle's nests and burrowing ground owls.


Peter Donovan said...

Susan, I really was thrilled to come across your work. Fun and inspiring.

As someone who has drawn to visual work by Dr. Seuss, Benton, to an extent MC Escher, I see similar qualities in your work.

PS I'm not in your league but recently began experimenting with sketching using the Ackerman pump pen. If you've ever fallen in love with a steel nib dip pen, this innovation emancipates one from the ink bottle for field and coffee shop sketching. They make refillable brush pens too.

Susan Rudat said...

Peter, thank you for the information about the Ackerman pump pen. After researching the pen, I am interested in giving it a try. I hope they are not as leakiy as conventional dip pens.

I would love to see your art but couldn't access your blog. Can we see it somewhere else on the world wide web?

Thank you for the comments and suggestions, I appreciate them very much.

Peter Donovan said...

Susan, I replied to your gmail address.