Friday, February 13, 2009

downtown Atlanta

A quick sketch from Centennial Park in downtown Altanta. I chose a park bench close to a couple of bicycle cops. After they moved on, the beggars moved in. One guy offered to walk with me to the homeless shelter for the night. When I told him I had a place to stay, he asked for 5 bucks. He wouldn't leave, so I called it quits.



i lived in Atlanta for years..nice to visit it again thru your lovely drawings...the beggers are fierce have to be FIRM! LOL
this is near where I lived actually for a time!

Susan Rudat said...

Thanks for the advice, Patty! I come to Atlanta to work at conventions, it's a great town for tourists and conventioneers. Just inside the doors of CNN is a sign notifying the tourists about the pitfalls of giving in to beggars. It's sort of like "Don't Feed the Bears".