Friday, January 2, 2009


The final page of moleskine #7 for 2008. This page progresses throughout the life of this sketchbook. The art includes snippets from coffeeshops, restaraunts, an outdoor market, a truckstop, and other places where there is nothing to do but sit quietly. We all know how difficult it is to be quiet and patient when we're a bundle of nervous energy... this is a manifestation of those times. Like a little kid, I am thankful for pencil and paper at these times.


Rob Carey said...

Yes, drawing brings out of childlike playfulness- you really captured that here. You do this so well. I am always amazed.

Susan Rudat said...

Thank you, Rob. Cheers!

Andrea said...

I like this idea, having a page at the back that is constantly being added to.

I received one of your prints for a Christmas gift; the coffee cup one, as soon as I get a frame it is going up in the kitchen. :)