Friday, November 7, 2008

Tex-Mex a la carte

Tortilla soup, salsa, taco and tortilla chips. I sketched quickly before eating.


Boulgakow said...

Yes, Susan, I start a blogspot, thanks for your infos about that, and your message on my blogspot page was the first one !!!

Rick said...

Hello Susan, I keep saying it, I really enjoy your work. My most recent post has some inspiration from you. The way I drew the "living water" was influenced by you.

I humbly ask that you might have a look at it and tell me what you would do differently - a bit of constructive criticism is always helpful - if and when you have time.

Rick said...

Hello again Susan. I really do cherish your kind comments. And the fact that you put me down for a blog to follow!... I'm truly honored.

I love you work, and I've had your blog bookmarked on my computer for sometime. Your style suits my taste for graphic design well.

I'll consider your advice sincerely.

Susan Rudat said...

Thank you Rick. I spent quite a bit of time browsing through your blog early this morning. In fact, it was so entertaining, I lost track of time!