Tuesday, September 2, 2008

dry creekbed still life

I came across a fallen tree while on a hike through a dry creekbed. This tree was rotted, full of woodpecker and worm holes.
I originally sketched this tree on New Year's day this year while it was still standing. I thought it had a sort of primative metropolitan Mondrian look to it.
Now, 8 months later, after seeing it lying broken and rotting on the rocks, I arranged the pieces to look like a downtown skyscraper scene. I thought it was amusing.


Walt said...

Well now, there's a different interpretation of nature. Clever background too.

joseph's art and stuff said...

Another great piece, love the imagination and result.

Susan Rudat said...

This dead tree is the most fascinating dead tree I think I've ever seen. It has some great geometric and metamorphic qualities, I couldn't pass it by. Thanks for the comments!