Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Neon Albuquerque

As I posted on August 7th, this is a scuplture above the freeway in Albuquerque. On the return trip from Las Vegas, we drove past this sculpture in the dark, around 5:00 a.m. It was lit up, giving the desert mountain a neon glow. Remembering back, this had a dreamy, surrealistic feel.
I try not to mix Photoshop with art, but this seemed appropriate.


V said...

I like your style.
Your illustrations always look juicy and inviting, and somehow have a "dreamlike" quality that keeps the viewer entranced.
Your depictions of Las Vegas had me practically hearing the bells and whistles as I perused the drawings.
I also like the mysterious and ethereal quality that Photoshop gave to your Albuquerque sculpture.
Always look forward to your latest pieces.

Terry Banderas said...

Great, dreamlike feel to this piece using Photoshop. I also like to NOT go to the computer to enhance my art but once in a while it can turn up something nice. This turned out beautifully!

Susan Rudat said...

V and Terry, it really was like an early morning dream, driving through the dark mountains, and then coming up to this sort of surrealistic scene. Maybe it was too many days in the bright lights of Las Vegas. Sometimes you just have to use photoshop.