Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The red-headed centipede

Beware of these bugs! They average about 6" in length, usually larger. The first time I saw one of these creatures, I was using the water hose. He crawled VERY fast up a rock wall, probably startled by the water. If he had not actually been moving, I would have thought he was one of those plastic bugs from the Mattel brand gadgets my brother had as a kid (melt the plastic into a bug mold...then I promptly re-melted it in my Easy Bake Oven).
Red-headed centipedes give a nasty sting, & may kill small creatures. Here's some information for anyone crazy enough to raise one as a pet.

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joseph's art and stuff said...

Oh yeah, love it. Texas has a lot of creepy crawlies, and they're all big. That's what I remember being out in the "woods".