Friday, June 13, 2008

Live Oak roots

It took several visits over a couple of months to get this sketch. It's out on a rural road with only a few houses here and there. These trees are on the edge of a dry creekbed, also the boundary of someone's property (it's a BAD idea to tresspass around these parts). When I appeared, the homeowners were on the porch....watching me. I was accused once before of being a cop with the "little black book". Another time a hunter with gun thought I was "game" in a pasture. Nobody knows it's just a sketchbook. Taking a picture was also out of the question. So finally, a few minutes without lookers, I got the sketch.


billygoose said...

really like the roots, they have a very silky hair-like flow to them.

Susan Rudat said...

Thank you billygoose. These live oaks are always wonderfully majestic.