Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Duck Race

Over the weekend the local Emergency Medical Services folks held their annual Duck Race fundraiser event. You buy a duck for five bucks. They are flipped out of the rubber rescue raft into the water, the first duck to reach the finish line, about 200 or so feet downstream, wins the prize.
This year the event was held at Blue Hole, a local swimming hole on Cypress Creek. The creek is spring fed, so the water is cold year round. They guy on the raft was dreading the plunge. For this year's event, there was no current & barely a breeze. It took a few "duck wranglin' cowboys" in kayakes to herd the ducks downstream. This is a fun family event, and a wonderful photo opportunity!


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Defiantely a great photo oportunity! So sweet. We have somthing similar here - where the ducks are released into the canal and they 'race', it's first past the bridge!

Susan Rudat said...

Oh yeah? Duck races in Kansas City? How big is the canal? With all those happy little yellow ducks, you can't help but be happy.